Susan Bautista Bacod

Me and my wife were very fortunate to land in EDUGAT to help us on our visa application to New Zealand with the help of their smarties and ridiculously hard-working consultant we’ve ever known – Mam Kharissa Uy Bienes Lim.

She is the one who tirelessly and persistently worked on to obtained the student visa of my wife just within a few months. My wife might not get her visa without the countless effort of Mam Kharissa. I remembered when we almost gave up on our dreams to go to New Zealand due to some unfavorable circumstances. But because of her brilliance and dedication not to mention her altruistic manner, Mam Kharissa kept on believing that we can get through these difficulties and she relentlessly looked to solve our problems. Eventually, after her creativity and enthusiasm she had successfully got my wife a visa. Presently, my wife is in New Zealand and started to build her bright future there.

Before we started our application in Edugat, Mam Kharissa informed us that once my wife approved for student visa I will get the opportunity to follow her through partnership based visa. So she introduce me to one of their best and extraordinary Licensed Immigration Adviser – Lim Soon Hoe.

Mr Soon is a true blue, off the chart immigration adviser who will give a brilliant support and advise on how to successfully get a New Zealand visa. I am very grateful that Mr Soon handled my visa application. When I was about to complete my requirements, I have to prove that my marriage to my wife is bonafide and our relationship is strong and stable. My application became complicated because my wife is in the Philippines and I am in UAE and we are not living together for a year.

Luckily, Mr Soon has immeasurable knowledge and profound experience in his profession that we were able to come up with impeccable application. Currently, I have already a visa and anytime soon I will follow my wife in New Zealand and build our dreams together.

I am especially grateful to Edugat for their superior and incomparable services for those who believed in their dreams. It’s also been my privileged to work with remarkable and marvelous professional consultant and adviser like Mam Kharissa and Mr Soon. Without their conscientiousness and resilience, we were not able to got to New Zealand.

I am very proud to carry their name and share it to others especially for those who believed that they can still achieve their aspirations in life.