Arlan Alegria

As I was choosing my next career path, I was always interested about studying, working and living abroad. I went to a couple of consultancy agency but was unsatisfied with their suggested pathway to New Zealand. Finally, after talking to one person who knew a consultancy agency that was truly focused and sincere to help people, I was able to discover Edugat. They answered all my inquiries on how to study abroad and the proper documents needed.

In addition, they also had direct link to a lot of schools that would suit me. They were also able to relate to my situation. As they were able to satisfy my questions, there was no doubt that I was at the right place talking to the right people. From that point on, it truly was the start of a new journey. They were also able to show me a pathway that would surely be more ideal and realistic compared to the others.

The people at Edugat, right from the beginning, were very helpful and their advice were very essential on what documents I would be needing to present to the embassy. After gathering all of my documents, I filled for a Student Visa to the New Zealand embassy. While waiting for the embassy’s decision, I was always 100% positive on the approval of my visa. As Edugat has a remarkable visa approval rate compared to other consultancy agencies.

As 3 weeks pass by, the New Zealand embassy finally granted me a Student Visa for 12 months to study Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management Level 7 at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Rotorua Campus.

Edugat not only helped me in my visa application, but also they had everything arranged from transportation, as I arrived in New Zealand, to the accommodations in Rotorua. When I arrived in Auckland, the transportation arranged by Edugat, was already there ready to transport me to Rotorua. After travelling for 3 hours I finally arrived in Rotorua. I was dropped to my new home and was greeted by the friendly owner of the house.

What makes Edugat very special is that they never asked me for payment in any of their services. I would truly recommend this consultancy agency to my fellow Filipinos aspiring to study, work and live abroad.