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About us

To facilitate and accelerate the path to higher education

An online education platform with a proven track record which offers end-to-end services to facilitate overseas education and work opportunities for students

We’re in the business of education consultancy services.

EduGat is a consultancy firm which provides overseas education services. It was founded in April of 2016, with its Head office in Malaysia and branch office in Philippines.

We as education consultants would want to make a difference in the world of education and achievements. As a consultant, we are already expected to do the basics which are processing student’s school applications and visa assistance.

We focus on our applicant’s goals and ambitions. We not only want to give them the programs they want but provide them better options that will give them better future. Quality counselling is the key to helping people. The knowledge, the experience and the expertise we have makes a lot of difference. The love and care for the people who need support. The hand that’s always ready to hold for guidance. The commitment in our hearts to do the utmost service.

Why choose Edugat?

We have opened our service channel by implementing a fully functional ICT platform that benefits our staff, partners and clients. With this platform, we have managed to shorten our response time greatly with a 24/7 operating ability. We guarantee our quality and accuracy as human error are minimized as our platform follows a specific formula collaborated with adjustable limitations.

We have also managed to reduce time and cost in communicating with our partners and mainly our clients. This enables us to reach and provide our services to applicants more quickly and effectively. Our unique automated system enables them to receive updates and track their application status, leaving them feeling more in control, 24/7 service in the comfort of their own home.

This is an advantage for students to have access on their application anytime, our staff to manage their work when travelling and/or at home, and due to time difference of our partner institutions, they can easily access students application and can respond anytime. It is a real-time database with a Centralize working facility anywhere, for everyone.

Our Services

  • Country Tour services
    To offer student tours on preferred destinations.
  • Programme and Career Counselling
    Providing advice and techniques that support students in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations. Helping students generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related enquiries
  • College/University selection
    Providing university and colleges’ option according to students’ preference on fees, location, cost of living and environment.
  • Visa Assistance
    Providing a student general immigration information, assist in proper documentation and the visa application
  • Travel and Accommodation assistance
    Providing option on airline selection, assist in booking reservation on both travel and accommodation according to preference.


Key Features

  • Partner Institution Marketing platform
  • Round-the-clock tracking/online support system

Lim Soon Hoe COO & Immigration Adviser (IAA license Number: 201400840)

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Chuah Chee Sheng Information Technology Director

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Loh Chee Keat Business Development Manager

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Siti Zurina Sabarudin (ZURINA & NOREETA) Legal Advisor

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